• Originally we were going to mail you a catalogue in the style of Gap or J.Crew from a bygone era, but as we were working on the layout I received a catalogue in the mail from Ssense. So. We went the digital route but next year we’ll get it out first if it kills me. Chat GPT wrote this for me because my spirits were low at the time of print. It really latched on to the “fabrics” of it all but otherwise the sentiment is correct. 

    Dear Fashion Enthusiasts,

    I am thrilled to introduce our Spring/Summer Catalogue, a curated collection born from our passion for exceptional fabrics and timeless style. At Absolutely Fabrics, we believe that the right fabric can transform not just an outfit, but the way you feel and express yourself. This catalogue is our way of sharing that vision with you, showcasing the best of what this season has to offer.

    Creating this catalogue was a journey of inspiration and creativity. We wanted to capture the essence of summer – its vibrancy, its elegance, and its versatility. Whether you're attending a casual beach gathering, a sophisticated garden party, or an intimate evening soiree, we have meticulously crafted pieces that will make you feel confident and chic for every occasion.

    The current state of fashion is an exciting landscape of innovation and sustainability. We are proud to be part of a movement that values not only aesthetic appeal but also ethical production practices. Our summer collection features fabrics that are not only luxurious but also environmentally conscious, reflecting our commitment to a better fashion future.

    We are particularly excited about the infusion of bold colors and unique textures this season. From airy linens to sumptuous silks, each fabric has been chosen to inspire and delight. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every piece in this catalogue meets the highest standards of quality and design.

    Thank you for being part of the Absolutely Fabrics family. We hope this catalogue inspires you to embrace the joy of dressing for every moment of your summer.

    Warm regards,

    Founder, Absolutely Fabrics

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AKA Black Tie. Try your best. This dress code generally means below-the-knee silhouettes. Add sharp shoes to create drama and sophistication. It doesn't have to be boring.


Photography by Brianna Capozzi at WSA, NY


Have fun! Anything goes—above the knee or below. Suits or jumpsuits. No denim. Use shoes to dress the look up or down. Chunky or flat shoes make it more casual.


    Based in NY, Christopher John Rogers designs emotional and sensitive clothing with a focus on effortful dressing, and encouraging people to take up space.

    We are excited to carry CJR because it exemplifies the most exciting parts of fashion. It's emotional, special and fun to wear.

    We are so excited to be the only retailer in Canada to currently carry CJR.



Think light, airy, and fluid. Any length works, it's all about ease. No stiff tailoring. Chunky heels are best on grass.


Photography by Brianna Capozzi at WSA, NY


This is a lil' bit of day to night, sun to moon. It's about getting a DD and going from A to B. Feeling good in a variety of settings. Go with the flow.


    An independent womenswear label established in Ukraine, Bevza's design aesthetic is defined by less-is-luxury. Clean silhouettes and sharp tailoring are at the core of each collection with a new perspective on refined minimalism.

    Founder and creative director Svitlana Bevza carries out delicate work with ethnic symbols and cultural codes and reimagines them in modern ways. Bevza handworks are created by Ukranian artisans in order to revive unique craftmanship.



Remember when everything was as simple as jeans and going-out tops?

These tops will take you from book club to da' club. We have what you need. No cohesion, all vibes.

You've got different places to go; we've got you covered. Bring your own jeans (or buy them from us...).


Photography by Brianna Capozzi at WSA, NY